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The history of the new 21st century began. What we are pursuing in the new age is to raise and respect the value of the mankind.

That we live a happy life means that our lives are increasingly getting prosperous and everyone lives a secure life.

Goldstar Inc. has grown up little by little thanks to the estimation that its quality and performance are superior while it has delivered the goods to the national financial institutions and the guard companies since it was founded in June, 20, 1988. This company has developed its situation gradually by undertaking and merging the manufacturing company, 'Eastern'. Goldstar Inc.
will always be beside you as a necessary company for the society of culture and knowledge enhancing the quality of life, by being the company to satisfy the value-judgement of the customers through developing the technology and being the credible technology business enterprise.

Goldstar Inc. Nice World Co., Ltd
Yeon ChanG, Jin C.E.O